Does Alphonse Elric become human?

Does Alphonse get his body back?

But when he sees his brother killed trying to save him, Al uses the stone’s power to heal Edward’s body and re-bind his soul to it. This destroys Alphonse’s own body as he uses up the whole of the Philosopher’s Stone in the transmutations. Then Edward, using his own body, resurrects Alphonse.

Does Alphonse Elric become human?

In a prototype from the series, Alphonse’s soul was sealed in a flying squirrel instead of armor as a result of human transmutation. He appeared as the brother to the other protagonist, Edward, in their searching for a way to recover their bodies.

Does Al Elric died?

Alphonse Elric – Sacrificed himself to restore Ed’s arm, reversing the transmutation that put him in the armor. He was revived when Ed sacrificed his Gate of Truth and ability to use alchemy.