Does Edward ever get taller?

Why was Edward Elric so short?

Edward was eating/sleeping for both of his and Alphonse’s bodies. After their souls were joined and crossed as kids during the transmutation of their mother, it connected them and he theorized it made it possible that part of his nourishment went to Al’s physical body. In the end it seemed plausible because Al’s body hadn’t withered away to nothing even after so many years.

Why is Edward Elric so short?

One of my favorite implicit moments in FMA: Brotherhood was when Ed and Winry find each other at Winry’s house after the mine. Everyone thinks Ed is dead, and Winry freaks out when she sees him. During the emotional moment, you can actually see that Edward is now taller than Winry, thus making him marriage material by her standards.

Why is Edward Elric short?

When you realise Ed was only short because a large chunk of his nutrients were devoted for providing for Al’s body : r/FullmetalAlchemist. Mar 2, 2019

Is Ed taller than Winry?

By Chapter 84, he is shown to be taller than Winry, implying that he has at least attained his 165 cm stature. Though automail has its advantages, Ed is fully aware of its disadvantages as well.

Does Edward ever get taller?

Ed was forced to rapidly grow up in just a few months, so his physical height changed to reflect that. By the series’ end, Edward was definitely taller than his love interest Winry, and he and Alphonse were both tall, burly young men during the sequel, set a few years after Father’s downfall. Mar 25, 2022