Is Doraemon a real story?

Who is real Nobita?

Nobita Nobi Nationality Japanese Age 10 Birthday August 8, 1961 (1969) August 7, 1964 (1973) August 7, 1973 (1979) August 7, 1999 (2005) Hometown Tokyo, Japan 11 more rows

What disease did Nobita?

The manga series character Nobita Nobi in the tv show wasn’t suffering from schizophrenia but in real life a boy named Nobita was suffering from schizophrenia! , An anime connoisseur since 1993.

Is Nobita Nobi still alive?


Is Nobita a real boy?

No, he is a fictitious character. Most of the time in anime the characters are not real people. However, Nobita may be based off of a real life person, or off the creator’s own experience, but would that make him a Real-man, or, just because it is based off of someone would that make him Not a Real-life man.

Is Doraemon real story?

And thus Doraemon came to be, a toy comes to life who would never bother or irritate Nobita. Such was Nobita’s dependence on Doraemon, whom he imagined would give him all sorts of weird gadgets to do stuff with, that when Nobita was told by the doctors that Doraemon was not real, he simply could not take it.

Is Doraemon is based on real story?

His medical condition made him imagine the character, Doraemon, who helped him in every way possible – making him Nobita’s best (imaginary) friend. At the age of 16, when Nobita started his medical counseling, it was then when he was told that Doraemon does not exist and that it is just his mere imagination. Jul 10, 2017

Is Doraemon a real story?

Originally Answered: Is Doraemon real? Yes, it is real because it is based on a true story of a boy who ended his life at the age of 16.