What Happened to L in Death Note?

what happened to l in death note

What happened to L? Is she dead? How do we know? Let’s examine this question one by one. The answer to this question will help you to better understand this character and the situation he’s in. Let’s first look at L’s Character Traits, Relationship with Light, and Death. Then, we’ll look at the Death Note itself. We’ll discuss what the game is about and what happens to her when she dies.

Character traits

L is an important character in the Death Note manga and anime series. He wears similar clothes, has the same personality and exhibits the same behavioral problems. While his deductive detective work and intelligence make him a great character, he has some personality flaws. He also needs to take breaks. Let’s look at some of his most significant character traits. Here they are:

L is a cunning and highly intelligent detective. His appearance is somewhat mysterious and often shows his interest in murders and puzzles. He has dark circles under his eyes and is very skinny. His appearance is also quite unattractive. He always wears a strait jacket and no jewelry, and he rarely smiles. Despite his appearance, L is extremely intelligent and is considered a criminologist.

L’s personality is a perfect contradiction. He dislikes human beings, especially those who want to be his successor. This makes him a natural villain. However, there are other interesting traits of L that can be attributed to her. She also dislikes competition. Despite being a narcissist, she’s highly intelligent. Having a superior intellect and a keen eye are just some of her traits.

A self-aware, analytical, and reserved, L is easily mistaken for an INTJ. However, the Death Note characters are actually more like INTPs. They are creative, inquisitive, and know when to follow rules and when to break them for knowledge. For example, L learns about Light from the Death Note. Although L can use his intellect to manipulate people, he is not as emotionally capable as an INTJ.

While the characters in Death Note have many similarities, Light was originally created to be a contrasting character. He sits and eats in an unnatural way and is often folded. His clumsiness and insecurities make him an easy target for critics, but these are probably not the reasons for his unlikable personality. Because of this, he is often underestimated by his lack of social skills and peculiar habits.

L’s personality is also complex. Although his role in the manga and anime is somewhat nebulous, he is extremely smart and strong. In fact, he is the most intelligent character in the entire series. His ability to understand and manipulate people has earned him a reputation within law enforcement agencies. But his weaknesses are also what make him one of the most important characters in the series. There are a few things that make L the best character in the Death Note.

While he may be the most memorable Death Note character trait, Mikami’s warped sense of justice is also something that is easily forgotten. He repeats the word “delete” repeatedly and never realized that he was being manipulated by his own son. Yagami was a good father who admired Mikami but didn’t know that his son was the culprit. Ultimately, his optimism harmed him and made him less effective.

Relationship with Light

The Death Note is a story about a boy named Light who is chosen to save the world. But Light is not born without feelings, and his mother dies shortly after his birth. The death of his sister makes him remorseful for destroying the world in the first place, and his guilt is revealed only after he has been caught. It is unclear whether or not Light is guilty of the crimes he committed, but the story will make you wonder.

The first book in the series, Death Note, begins with Light discovering the Death Note in an alley. He then encounters Takuo Shibuimaru at a club. After killing him, Light meets Ryuk. Light also has a girlfriend named Shiori Akino. But at the end of the first movie, he kills her in an effort to save his girlfriend. Throughout the book, Light’s relationship with his girlfriend deteriorates until he decides to kill her.

The second book of the series follows the events of the first. Misa is once again invited to Light’s house, and Light has the idea of killing her. However, his plan fails because of the shinigami she is using. The other shinigami, Rem, cannot kill her by deathnote. This is how Light manipulated her by using an act of love to kill her. As you can see, there are many layers to Light’s relationship with Misa.

The relationship between Light and L in Death Note is complicated. The two would have been best friends if Kira and Light were not so close. While Light doesn’t share Light’s values, she still has a relationship with him. But when Light dies, Misa begins to sink into a deep depression, ultimately killing herself. Light’s concern for Misa is understandable. He doesn’t believe in killing others for their own good, but he doesn’t believe in sacrificing oneself for another’s safety.

Throughout the game, Light tries to conceal his true identity as Kira, but Near’s evidence proves his innocence. He tries to convince everyone of the advantages of his world, but the others reject him. Light then tries to convince the others of the benefits of his vision of a perfect world. Near counters this by saying that everyone has the right to make their own decisions. And the other characters in the room reject Light’s utopian vision.

Although Light is trying to protect the world, he also wants to eliminate the Mafia and the kidnappers, which he plans to do through the Death Note. The Death Note is the only way to do this, but Light must keep it secret until he reaches the end of the story. But before the end, Light manages to kill his own friend, Takimura. The body is never found.


You may have been wondering what happened to L in the movie Death Note. It’s a fascinating story with a number of twists, near-death experiences, and people hiding Death Note pages. Luckily, Misa survives the film, and Light admits to being Kira. The Death Note ends with Light and Ryuk writing down their names and the name L. If you want to know the answers to all your questions about the Death Note, read on!

L is a character who is described as being 24 years old. While the manga does not give an exact age, it does indicate that he was born on October 31, 1979, and died on November 5, 2004. Based on these dates, you can deduce that L was about twenty-five years old at the time of the main event. But when it comes to death, who knows? We can only go by the age of characters from the manga, but we do know that the characters are twenty-four to twenty-five years old at that time.

L is audacious. He can kill from afar, but he chooses to confront Light in person instead. He met L on a university entrance exam, and Light thought he was weird. But L proves himself to be an extraordinary detective, and he becomes the prime suspect in the case. He eventually finds a hidden Death Note page in the house of Mia Sutton. L’s fate is ultimately revealed, but not before a major twist!

The Death Note manga series has many mysteries and fan theories about what happened to L. For example, did she really write her name in the Death Note? And what happened to L’s assistant Watari? And where did the mysterious l fit into the plot? The following fan theories explain how the story ends. There are several ways that L could have been killed. A lot depends on the reader’s interpretation of the story, but there are many possibilities!

The Death Note manga has an extra chapter on Kira’s death, and the anime has a montage of the events leading up to the story’s resolution. The Death Note anime jumps an entire year ahead and has a few moments that diverge from the manga. In the end, the manga and the anime both share similar themes. But what’s most interesting is the fact that both have their share of filler episodes.

L is a cunning, enigmatic detective. He has a pale complexion and dark circles around his eyes. He’s also a reclusive misanthrope, who is socially awkward and prone to misanthropy. The character has several eccentricities, including the way he holds objects and his preference for sweets. He’s also a brilliant criminologist, but is he the most interesting character in the story?