Who Do You Kin From Death Note?

who do you kin from death note

Do you know who do you kin from Death Note? The characters and their vibes are so compelling that you’d probably want to take a Death Note Quiz to find out! You may be surprised at the results! Take this quiz to discover your Death Note kin and find out how similar you are! We’ve even made a quiz with names and descriptions of the main characters! So what are you waiting for?

Quiz topic: Which Death Note character are you?

If you’ve read the Death Note series, you may have wondered who each of the characters is. This quiz will help you find out. Just answer three questions to find out who you are. If you can answer all three questions correctly, then you’re a Death Note character. But which character are you? What does your personality style say about you? Take the quiz below to find out! Once you know who you are, it’ll be easier to make decisions.

If you’re new to the series, or just want to know which character best suits you, then this quiz is for you. The questions are all based on the book written by Ryuk, who dropped it on Earth, and they are all true or false. You will also find out your IQ level, intentions, and persona. Most Death Note quiz takers are looking for their soul mate.

If you’re looking for a new career path, or just want to refresh your memory on the storyline, then this Quiz topic may be for you. Take the quiz to see if you can identify yourself with the characters in the series. There are a variety of questions to answer, from which Death Note character you are most like to which characters you’d want to work with. If you don’t know what Death Note is about, then you may want to reread the novel for an easier quiz. If you’re looking for a new career, or are a new mom, this quiz will help you decide which Death Note character to be.

Do you think Death Note is real? It’s amazing to think that the characters in the story were inspired by real people. The characters are unique, and this quiz is a great way to learn more about them. Once you’ve finished the quiz, you can use the results to make a better world. And, of course, you can change Kira. So, take the quiz and find out!


While Death Note is famous for its morality, justice, and unique personalities, it also features characters with exceptional psychological skills and cunning. In addition to their exceptional psychological abilities, Death Note characters are known for their meticulous forethoughts and well-executed plans for every action. This is a testament to the quality of the writing in the series. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting characters from Death Note.

Light: As one of the main characters of the series, Light is a handsome and talented college student. He is smart, has good problem-solving skills, and is a well-organized planner. However, after he acquired the Death Note, Light started to lose his cool and began to act irrationally. This ultimately led him to commit crimes and to become hubristic. As the series continues, we see the different ways that the series’ characters deal with death.

Light: The protagonist of Death Note is Light. He was born in a prison and has been incarcerated for a long time, and he has a secret past. Initially, Light was imprisoned for stealing Misa’s Death Note, but he soon learns about her past and makes a deal with her to get her Shinigami eyes. Misa also learns that Light is the original Kira, but she still plans to kill him in order to get them back. Light, meanwhile, tries to take out L and Watari.

Near: Near and Mello are two boys assigned to find Kira. Although they aren’t biological siblings, they were raised in the same orphanage. The two were accidentally switched at “birth” due to Takeshi Obata’s mistake. He mistakenly gave each character a different design, personality, and mannerisms. However, this mistake can’t be undone. The main characters in the series are both portrayed by American actors.

Near: As the successor of L, Near is adept at puzzles and is a genius at predicting what Kira might do. He implements a fake Death Note by swapping the real one with a fake one, and sacrifices his life to catch her. Near also becomes Kira’s lover after she kills Gelus. It is not clear whether Mello will be the one who saves her. But he is her closest ally in the end.


While the MC of the Death Note, Light, is an important part of the story, it is not the only character that has a negative impact. The series also shows that the MC’s emotions can be manipulated. This makes the Death Note an especially compelling villain. When Light finally dies, the villains use the Death Note to kill them and parade it around as justice. Despite the fact that he uses it to protect himself from justice, he still managed to escape justice when it came for him.

Like Light, Near, and Mello, Matt is a minor character in the story, but still has a distinct personal style. He is more likely to wear dark clothes with a Goth vibe. He first appeared in a pair of black pants, black boots, and a black vest. He later wore a dark coat with a ruff. The dark outfits are often the same as those of Light and Near, but Mello prefers black pants and a jacket with a hood.

While Death Note has a strong following among anime fans, there are many other popular psychological thrillers available. The premise behind these shows is very different from other franchises. The series follows a young man with a mysterious new power, and it follows the lives of several interesting characters. There are also plenty of characters to keep the audience captivated. The climax of the series is quite chilling, and it’s easy to get sucked into it from the very beginning.

Names of characters

The characters in Death Note are a diverse lot. They suffer at the hands of the villain Light, who uses the Death Note as a tool to rid the world of criminals. The main protagonist Light Yagami is a genius, but there are many more. In addition to him, there is Misa Amane, Ryuk, Mello, Near, Soichiro Yagami, Teru Makami, and Light. In this article, we’ll explore their names and the characters they play.

Light is a recurring character in Death Note. He tries to trick his agent, Raye Penber, into divulging his name. But when this fails, Light decides to lock him in a cell until he can prove his innocence. During the course of the series, Light sets up a fake rule in which people must write their names down every thirteen days. Failure to do so will result in death. Those who fail to do so will face death. However, in the end, Light learns that he is not the one who wrote down the names of the characters.

Hideki Ide does not appear in the live-action Death Note film adaptation, but he does appear in the musical Death Note. He is portrayed by Seito Ueno. His song, “Change the World,” is the song sung by the Death Note Task Force. Despite the fact that the series’ name is not the only thing about the Death Note, it is a vital part of the story, which is incredibly emotional.

The two main male protagonists in the series are Souichirou and Shuuichi. Souichirou is the most prominent of the three, as his family adores him. The two men share a similar moral standing, but Souichirou has more naive traits than the other two. The characters in the film are not named after the original Death Note novel, but rather the series.

Near is another protagonist. This character is named after the boy who saved all the passengers on the infected plane. In the anime, L names the boy “Near”, and he is the last person to see her alive before her death. The boy, whose name is “Near” in the ending credits, does not appear in any subsequent films of the Death Note Japanese film series. He is credited as “BOY” in the end credits.