Who is the strongest time user in anime?

Who is the strongest time user in anime?

Dio Brando – ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Using his stand “The World” Dio Brando is able to stop and start time. He uses this primarily to confuse the bejesus out of his opponents by performing sneak attacks while everyone except him is frozen in time. Feb 5, 2020

Who can manipulate time in anime?

2. Julius Novachrono (Black Clover) The Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom, Julius Novachrono is a mage who uses Time Magic and has spells that can manipulate time for a certain target or even a wide range of area. Aug 25, 2021

What anime character can stop time?

Sailor Pluto is the guardian of the Underworld and the Space-Time Door. Because of this, she is able to send characters back and forth through time, such as when she helped the Senshi save Neo-Queen Serenity. While she can also stop time, she is forbidden from doing so, and breaking this limitation will kill her. May 22, 2021